Business or nonprofit, The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce is here to support local owners


The current president and CEO of The Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Olson, shares how the chamber is committed to inclusive economic development for the Eureka community and region. Their role as a membership organization is to support over 450+ members by advocating for their good and helping ensure that the business environment is robust and healthy. 

“We also do leadership and organizational training,” Olson said. “We offer a number of professional development classes such as digital marketing, like I said leadership, we also do things like [human resources] HR classes.”

A program that the chamber is currently excited about is Conversations With Leaders. It launched in January 2023. They have had three sessions so far and it’s an opportunity for their members to hear from local leaders who are making something happen that will impact other members and the overall business community.

“It’s pretty easy to become a member of The Greater Eureka Chamber, we do have membership dues and annual dues,” Olson said. “It depends on your business size and what type of business. We also have a range of benefits that we offer to our members. We have some standard benefits that include promotion of your business in a couple of publications throughout the year.”

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“One of the things I would say is our members range everything from single person, home-based businesses to the largest employers in our community,” Olson said. “All businesses and nonprofits have different needs so have customized benefits depending on the size of your organization and we’re glad to work with you to make sure that it’s a meaningful membership for your organization regardless of the size.”

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