A family celebrates Mother’s Day by hosting a food fundraiser in Eureka


Celebrating Mother’s Day under the warm sun in Eureka was a family raising money for Christian Lopez’s mother who is currently facing a kidney disease. The family hosted a food fundraiser in their driveway to help Lopez’s mother raise money to help with medical bills and sold pupusas–a Salvadorian food, fruit cups, roses and more.

“[Mother’s Day] means to honor my mom or your mom because they brought you to this world and they help you through life and they feed you and give you a home,” Angel Garcia said.

The children of the mothers behind the scenes selling food, Lopez, Garcia and Estrellita Moctezuma commented on what Mother’s Day means to them and why this event is occurring today.

“More than anything Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s all over the world and especially to all the mothers who aren’t with us anymore,” said family member and cousin Jorge Moctezuma.