A Mother’s Village a weekly group gathering empowering mothers and beyond


In the upstairs area inside the Ink People building located in Old Town Eureka is A Mother’s Village, a space for mothers and women to feel safe, seen and heard.

“All mothers and maidens in our community are welcome to join as well as birth workers too,” said founder of A Mothers Village Misty Dickerson. “We bring in a lot of cultural arts, native practices, song, drumming, in order to help bring in village culture in the ways that we can learn to express so we all have better tools as we navigate the many challenges of being women and mothers.”

Misty Dickerson, the founder of A Mother’s Village, has provided a space for local mothers and women for two years with weekly support gatherings. With Mother’s Day around the corner, A Mother’s Village hosted its first annual Mother’s Day gathering for support, community energy, and women’s empowerment. 

“Now that this location is here in downtown Eureka it makes it flexible for me to take a lunch break and stop by and even though I come in late to mothers circle, Misty is always with open arms and welcoming,” said community member Isabel Oshaughnessy.

A Mother’s Village is open to all local mothers, women who are pregnant, maidens, birth workers, etc. More information about the group gatherings can be found on Instagram or Facebook @instinctivemotherhood or on their website www.instinctivemotherhood.com. You can also find information about the group through The Ink People. A Mother’s Village is a dream-maker project through The Ink People organization.

“I am so grateful for the community support for us to gather here, for this building for centralization, for community and I hope and wish for outreach to other mothers in Humboldt County to come and join us here,” Oshaughnessy said. “This is a safe place for you filled with love and support whether you’re a grandmother, mother-in-law, mother yourself, or maiden.”