Bayside Park Farms Have More Garden Plots Available to Claim


“We know that food sustainability is critical in our community,” Heather Stevens, Recreation Supervisor for The City of Arcata said. “Growing in a community is also an opportunity to build relationships with one another, and we do have several apartment complexes around the area and places where folks don’t have the land to have the opportunity to do this, so this is a space where they can”

Several community garden plots are now available at the Bayside Park Farm. You don’t have to be an expert in gardening to rent one of these plots.  It’s perfect for trial and error, and the best part is that you can learn from fellow gardeners around you…

“We do have some gardeners who have been with us for the last 13 years since the very, very beginning,” Stevens said.

One of those gardeners is Bob Eckhart, an Arcata resident and experienced farmer. 

“I’ve been here since 2016, I think it really helps people come out and get into a green space,” Eckart said. I can say for sure this is one of the greatest values that the city of Arcata has, I mean, really, for 100 bucks a year, you’ve got your garden area, you’ve got a lot of friends, you’ve got a barbecue area, you’ve got a picnic bench, you’ve got tools, we’ve got everything you need, you know, lots of water, which is expensive in Arcata.”

For a whole year community members can rent their own 4’x 25 garden plot for a fee of $100 for Arcata residents and $112 for non-residents.

“The fulfillment of what the value of the community is, it is really embodied in this garden,” Eckart said.

“Come outdoors, come garden.get to know your neighbors, it’s good stuff,” Stevens said

For more information on how you can get a garden plot or view a map of the garden visit:

Or stop by the Bayside Park Farm to check out the land and get an application. 

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