More algae was found in Mad River, here is what you need to know to remain safe while algae bloom in local waters


There’s another algae bloom, this one is in the Mad River.

Cal Poly Humboldt fisheries shared a video on their social media showing a potentially toxic bacteria growing in the river. These bacteria can be dangerous for pets and children.

“Cyanobacteria are toxic algae, as it’s commonly referred to, are a billion years old and there are hybrid of bacteria and photosynthetic algae and they love warm water,” said Patrick Higgins the Managing Director of the Eel River Recovery Project. “With climate change and warming conditions in water, they’re proliferating.”

Yesterday, Redwood News reported on another algae bloom in King Salmon Beach that turned the water orange. The Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services, Public Health put up signs warning people to stay out of the water.

Higgins says cooler weather will shut down the bacteria. Folks can expect the waters to be clearer from algae around the middle of September.

“Folks can go into clear water areas on the South Fork, but if you see foam, then you really shouldn’t go in because there are other risks like swimmer’s itch and when it’s foamy and stagnant, then other things are in the water column,” Higgins said. 

Higgins also recommended swimming in Alder Point, Fort Seward, lower main Eel River and swimmers delight on the Van Duzen. 

“Swimming in wild waters is my passion, so it hurts me to dissuade people from doing so,” Higgins said. 

Safety comes first before enjoying the rivers around Humboldt County. Before your next river trip make sure the water isn’t foamy or there aren’t algae floating in the river to stay safe from toxins that can be dangerous to yourself and your furry friends.