Become a “Foster Failure” at the Humane Society

Foster an animal in need for a trial period.


My name is Kim Class and I’m the director of Sequoia Humane Society.

And today I want to talk a little bit about fostering and becoming a foster parent. There’s no doubt about it. Fostering an animal saves lives. They are what we call temporary houseguests. They get exposure to a tremendous amount of things that they just don’t get exposure to. Here in the shelter, we love for our fosters to take dogs to the beach, to take them out in walks, to take them to the forest, you know, to do regular things, rides in the cars. And this helps them to become more well-rounded and ready for adoption. The other thing that Sequoia Humane Society offers is fostering to adopt. We call these foster failures, which we love. Sometimes people come in, they see an animal, they think it’s the right match, and we will oftentimes offer for that person to take that dog home and foster it to see if it’s a really good match. You know, try that dog for a week or two. You know, do your regular things with the dog and see if your energy matches, if they’re a good complement to your family and your lifestyle. You know, we’re always encouraging people to pick a dog based on their lifestyle, whether you’re very active, whether you’re like to sit at home and watch TV. You know, we probably have a dog for you here at Sequoia Humane Society. If you’re interested in fostering, give us a call at 707-442-1782 or email us at info at But the best way, the very best way is to come on down to Sequoia Humane Society and meet all of our dogs and see if there’s anybody you connect with. We hope to see you soon.

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