Retired Teachers Association Host Annual Blood Drive

The Sign for the Northern California Community Blood Bank in Eureka, CA. Located near St. Joseph's Hospital.
Northern California Community Blood Bank's entrance sign

The North Coast Division of California Retired Teachers Association is hosting their annual blood drive this week until Saturday.

“The first full week of November is California retired teachers week. and so in honor of that, our north coast division has a blood drive every year to support the blood bank,” Donna Clark, the president of the CalRTA North Coast Division. “The blood bank is always in need of blood […] so, we felt that this coincided well and could support making sure that we had enough blood locally for our needs.”

During this week, the blood bank is hoping to stock up as the holiday season quickly approaches.

“This is what, the third or fourth year I believe we’ve done this with the retired teachers and it’s a great turnout,” Dee Vallee,  Recruiter at the community blood bank said. “Right before the holiday, we couldn’t ask for anything more, people get busy shopping and with family in town or going to see family, our regular donors don’t come in.”

This Wednesday, Nov 8th, will be the biggest day of the week-long drive and it’ll be held at the community blood bank, with a complimentary dinner.

“Though we have chosen Wednesday to be our official day, if anyone donates blood this week at any blood mobile or here at the blood center,” Clark said. “All they have to do is to call and we will get credit for our drive.”

The goal for this year’s CalRTA blood drive is to get up to 40 pints of blood. Right now the bank is still looking for  type O+ and O- blood.

“Please pay it forward so it’s there when you need it or maybe someone special to you that needs it,” Vallee said. “I will be donating this week in honor of my dad, he was a school teacher for 38 years at Eureka so I will donate in his honor. ”

To get more information on how you can contribute this week go to:

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