The Habit Burger Grill joins the list of chain businesses coming to Eureka in 2024


Another addition to Eureka has been announced by LRE & Companies–a real estate development company– that The Habit Burger Grill will replace the old Sizzler building by fall 2024. 

“[The] Eureka Gateway Project started compiling those parcels in 2020, so it’s been going on for almost three years now,” said Akki Patel, the CEO of LRE & Companies.

LRE & Companies, is working closely with the City of Eureka to bring the Wingstop, the additional Starbucks drive-thru, and now The Habit Burger Grill. It is expected they will announce two more projects once the details are ready.

“We are working on two other things,” Patel said. “When it gets formalized, I’m sure we’ll let you know. Our construction team is working on [the] last few details of the city and the site plan, so we are hoping that we can break ground pretty soon.”

The Wingstop and the drive-thru Starbucks are expected to be completed by early Spring 2024. Soon after that, the construction of The Habit Burger Grill will begin.

“From the city perspective, people are willing to spend millions of dollars in the city similar to the hotel development that’s going on Broadway, similar to the development going down in Old Town, that’s a good thing for the city,” said Miles Slattery, the City Manager of Eureka. “It demonstrates that people are willing to invest here and that it also will bring revenue and jobs.”

If all goes as planned, the three new chains will be open for business by Fall of 2024.