Six Rivers National Forest is offering Christmas tree permits


If you’re looking for a Christmas tree and possibly begin a family tradition, the Six Rivers National Forest is offering free Christmas tree permits to fourth graders. However, if you are not a fourth grader, for $10 anyone can obtain a permit. 

“You just come into our offices or any district office and you will get something like this,” said Betsy Totten, the Public Affairs and Admin Staff Officer. “We just had our first fourth-grader come in last week and it’s really exciting.”

Fourth graders can claim a free Christmas tree permit when they’re a part of the Every Kid Outdoors program. The Every Kid Outdoors program is a national public land pass for fourth graders to enjoy and engage with the outdoors near you.

Cutting your own Christmas tree helps improve forest health, it also helps wildlife grow larger and provide food. Again, you don’t have to be in fourth grade to get a Christmas tree permit.

“it is basically something where you come and get a pass and it introduces fourth graders and kids into national public lands, which happens to be right here on the Six Rivers National Forest as well,” Totten said. “So it’s a program where fourth graders can get passes and go to any national grassland park and forest.”

They’re not saying fourth graders should take a chainsaw out into the forest by themselves. They encourage a family member or guardian to go with them. Once you obtain your Christmas tree permit, the Six Rivers National Forest will provide maps of where it is allowed to cut. For example, cutting is allowed in areas coded as “open”. If you are unsure if you can cut in a particular area, contact your nearest forest service office.

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