A Holiday Craft Fair…With a Twist


The last week before the holidays is upon us and Six Rivers Brewery in Mckinleyville hosted a holiday craft faire with a twist.

“We are doing the Krampus Christmas Fair at Six Rivers today. We did it last year, I dressed up as Krampus and I tried to bring in local vendors that have more of a darker edge to them– things are a little more spooky and creepy than they are for your regular Christmas,” Event Coordinator, Jini Noggle, said. “I like to do this stuff where we bring the more creepy side of things out and more Halloween, that’s my jam and my holiday so anywhere we can incorporate spookiness and creepiness into any other holiday, I am down for.”

This fair is also a way to raise money for local non-profits. 

“Like Companion Animal Foundation, so you can adopt a cat, you can’t take it home today, but you can fill out paperwork and have them home for Christmas and they’re adorable,” Noggle said. “We have the Coats for the Cold going on where you can bring in jackets and hoodies and then you get raffle tickets and all the vendors are donating prizes to give away at the end of the day.” 

From candles to jewelry, pottery, art, organic products, and yes even cats, the Krampus Christmas Fair had it all

Six Rivers Brewery will have another gift fair this week on Tuesday, Dec. 19th for last minute holiday shoppers. 

And if anything caught your eye, half of the vendors who were at the event today, will be there on Tuesday.

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