Pet owners show affection for their pets this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, many people focus on the romantic side of things, but platonic love is also important among family and friends.

Valentine’s Day isn’t only about human affection; it can also extend to your pets.

Eureka’s Fin-N-Feather has what customers need to show their love and affection for their pets. We wondered ourselves what would be the best gifts to give our paw pals.

“Any toy that’s going to last a long time, like bones or Kong toys, a variety of stuff. We also have a special Valentine’s Day treat, whether it’s cookies or bones.” Fin-N-Feather Damien Morton said.

Those cookies are from an independent company, made to order, and completely safe for dogs to munch on.

Those ready to give their special one a treat today should be aware of which ones are best.

“Something you know they could digest easily. We would stick with more natural treats, like single-ingredient treats or stuff made out of sweet potatoes. With cats, we like to give them single ingredients, whether it’s like a single minnow or a chicken heart or chicken breast.”

However, not all pet owners have the same dog or cat. What about those scaly friends?

“Give them some extra waxworms. Hornworms will be an easy way to show love. We have a bunch of toys for every type of animal,” Morton said.

Yet, fish owners might face a different challenge.

“Fish are kind of independent. Maybe just give them some extra food. Don’t tap as much at the glass today,” Morton said. “You can buy them a new friend. There you go. Give him some company.”

The winter season is a successful time for the store, with customers buying for affection and for the stormy season.

“The days leading up to it and today. Dog beds and cat beds are super popular during this time. We actually had someone come in today with a pet pigeon,” Morton said. “They came in, and for the first time I worked here, I’ve ever seen a pigeon come here, and I bought him a rain jacket.”

It’s all part of the day of love.

“Everyone loves to spoil their loved ones. Whether that is your kids, your significant other, or your animals, it’s nice,” Morton said.

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