Fiesta Folklórica nights of traditional Mexican songs and performances


Featuring 35 student dancers and mariachi musicians from Cal Poly Humboldt’s Dance, Music, and Theatre Department is Fiesta Folklórica. This three-day event celebrates Mexican cultural performances from the vast regions of Mexico’s Ballet Folklórico, Danza Azteca and Mariachi.  

“For us to do dances from different regions of Mexico is an opportunity to educate the community and represent those regions,” said Jacqueline Silva, the Co-Director of Fiesta Folklórica show. “Because each region of Mexico has its own culture and within that culture, its own subculture, its own dances, its own music, its own, you know, traditional trajes or garments. It’s so important for us to take the opportunity to educate the dancers and the students and the community.” 

There will be three shows this weekend and each performance tells a story. Danza Azteca opens the ceremonial concert with sights and sounds of Tenochtitlan. Next, Mariachi de Humboldt plays well-loved rancheras, cumbias and traditional Mariachi music. The Ballet Folklórico dancers perform San Pedreño, El Buey, El Son Del Coamecate and Los Bules. 

“I’m excited to be able to also perform for one last time for the school and to be able to share my culture and heritage, the music and dance with everybody,” said Desiree Osornio, a Ballet folklórico dancer.

The student performers have been rehearsing this show since the start of the Fall semester. For some students, like Osornio and Biankah Young, this will be their final graduating performance. Others are feeling excited for the audience to see their hard work through this form of storytelling. 

“I’m just waiting to hear the crowd like with their gritos (cheers) and their porras (cheers) and all that stuff like I just want to hear the excitement,” said Ernesto Saldana, another Ballet folklórico dancer.

For students who leave their hometowns, this show is a way to connect to their culture, “And just have something close to home up here,” said Xennia Avendaño, a Ballet folklórico dancer.” Students like, Mathew Aparicio, a trumpet player in Marachi de Humboldt are also excited because their friends and family will be watching in the audience.  

This is the second annual performance and students hope it continues for generations to come.

“Hopefully for the future of it, to be able to always be in Van Duzer [Theatre] and have it be a yearly thing–and it never gets removed,” Guillermo Salazor, a Ballet folklórico dancer.

Students hope to perform in the John Van Duzer Theatre at Cal Poly Humboldt so more people have the opportunity to experience this show. The show has been and will be performed in Gist Hall Theatre which has the capacity for 130 people. The John Van Duzer Theatre holds 862 people. Last year, people were turned away due to being sold out. 

“I hope that more students would like to join folklórico and that we get to perform in JVD next year,” Young said. “I think allowing the community to come and be able to sit and watch us is really meaningful.”

Tickets for the Fiesta Folklórica show are limited. Organizers said, if you want to attend, purchase your tickets now rather than day of the show. 

Fiesta Folklórica event flyer.
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