Leap Day love, four couples tie the knot

Ben Anderson and Camille Borrowdale, one of the four Humboldt couples who got married this Leap Day. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

Every four years we get an extra day in February and some people choose to get married on Leap Day. On this Leap Day, four Humboldt couples got married and they chose this day specifically.

“I wanted it to be a special date,” said Melissa Burns, one of the newlyweds. “I thought, what better day on Leap Year than Leap Day? So it’s special and memorable.”

Melissa met Nathan Burns when he evacuated from Redding in 2018 due to a fire and came to Humboldt for safety. Once they met, Nathan never left. They both look forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

“We’ve already been living together for a year so, we were married without the ring,” Nathan said. “So now we got the ring.”

The couple decided to celebrate and do something special every leap year and do a smaller celebration yearly on March 1. Ben Anderson and Camille Borrowdale also decided to tie the knot on Leap Day.

“We got engaged on Halloween and we’re looking for a special day, you know, trying to look at the numerology of things,” Borrowdale said. “And then Leap Day was coming up and we’re like, oh, that’s perfect. Now we can have an anniversary every four years.”

Anderson and Borrowdale met in college and they were friends first. Their friendship began in theatre and developed through a circus club where they collaborated on projects and discovered their passion for puppets.

“I love you so much,” Anderson said. “And it just feels like we’ve gotten so many cool chances to enjoy the community together. Now we live here and starting this life here. It just all feels special.”

Borrowdale and Anderson plan to celebrate their anniversary every year and make it extra special on the Leap Year. Anderson is one of the integral members of our Redwood News team behind the scenes. We want to say special congratulations to Ben and Camille and all the couples who got married.