Eureka deemed one of the most hospitable towns in Pacific Northwest

Eureka was designated as one of the eight most hospitable small towns in the Pacific Northwest by

We spoke to Eureka’s mayor, Kim Bergel, about what makes Eureka so welcoming.

“Eureka for me is paradise. We have everything we need here,” Bergel said. “We have the bay, we have rivers surrounding us. We can go to the sun. We can experience the redwoods right in our backyard. We have a beautiful, magical old town. We’re artist rich. We have beautiful architecture. Pretty much, you know, almost anything you want to see. You can experience it here in Eureka.”

Bergel noted that the warm community is what makes the city so charming.

We have a beautiful, friendly community,” Bergel said. “Our community is a generous community. It gives back and I think that’s where we begin. All the beauty that surrounds us wouldn’t really matter if people weren’t family.”

Bergel also indicated the importance of community outreach.

“One of the things that we’ve done is we’ve created the visitor center,” Bergel said. “There’s so much happening in our city all the time and so getting that information out through social media and just really finding ways to engage with the public on so many levels I think is really important.”

Bergel gave an example of what Eureka would look like in her dreams.

 “I think if I could dream big, Eureka would continue to be a friendly community where everybody is housed, everybody knows their value, and everybody contributes to our community in a way that is kind and friendly,” Bergel said.

Bergel wanted to thank the community for their help in receiving such designation.

“I think it’s an honor and a privilege to be recognized in this way. Thank you to our community for making things like this possible,” Bergel said.

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