20th anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Six Rivers Brewery

On St. Patrick’s Day, Six Rivers Brewery celebrated the holiday and their 20th anniversary with a bash.

Co-owner Meredith Mayer spoke about the meaning of the day and how it was going down.

“We opened our doors on St. Patrick’s Day, 2004, at 4:20 in the afternoon so we’re open for a special Sunday, we’re usually closed Sundays and Mondays, to celebrate 20 years and St. Patrick’s Day,” Mayer said. “We have an incredible green glitter beer, Carlos brewed a really nice Irish stout and it’s just a really fun vibe here. We’re getting to connect with old staff members and customers who’ve been coming in over the last two decades. So it’s just been a really fun time, a little reunion.”

Partygoer Helena Avelar came out to show her appreciation and enjoy the festivities.

“I wanted to support Six Rivers, they’re so great. They do so many great things for the community. They make great beer and I’ve admired everything that they’ve done and it’s their 20th anniversary,” Avelar said. “Got some great glitter beer. It’s a fun day here. They’ve got great music. It’s a really great celebration for the community.”

Another partygoer, Ryann Cormier, had a blast at the party.

“This has just been a fantastic day so far. We got here right when they opened. We’ve been wanting to come here for years and with it being on a Sunday, we can actually bring the whole family, enjoy the weather, enjoy the music,” Cormier said. “It’s been a fantastic party so far and we’re so happy to be here and our kids are enjoying it. The beer is great, the food is great. So we’re just having a fantastic time and this couldn’t be a better day for St. Paddy’s Day.”

With music, food and drink, there was plenty to enjoy at the Six Rivers Brewery 20th anniversary St. Patrick’s Day party.

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