Food trucks participated in raising money for Meals for Wheels, a senior resource program

Fushion Bites, Higher Ground Humboldt and Los Giles participated this year's March for Meals event. | Photo by Karina Ramos Villalobos

Helping homebound seniors is the goal of the March for Meals event hosted by the Humboldt Senior Resource Center which brought local food trucks to raise money for the Meals on Wheel senior program.

“A percentage of their sales from today go to support the Meals on Wheels program,” said Tasha Romo, the Director of Nutrition and Activities at the Humboldt Senior Resource Center. “Supporting these businesses is supporting your neighbor who might be homebound and hungry.”

The Meals on Wheels program delivers meals to homebound seniors who are 60 and older in the county. This program has been around for 50 years. But, it’s more than just a meal.

“They get a wellness check from a driver so they have that sense of community,” Romo said. “They also participate in other agency benefits, like having social workers that can help support them, getting access to things like CalFresh and commodities. But Meals on Wheels serves some of our frail participants because they are those homebound residents who really don’t have a lot of support in place.”

This is the second year that the Humboldt Senior Resource Center hosted this event. They provide 600 meals per day. Last year, the food vendors raised money for 300 meals. 

“We’re here because not only individually, but as a business, we believe that a community with strong values that support our seniors creates a stronger community in general,” said Ashley Leon Hardt, the co-owner of Higher Ground Humboldt.

“Ellos lo que hacen es cuidan también a los ancianos, a los adultos, a la gente mayor,” dijo Osvaldo Hernandez, dueño de Los Giles. “y para nosotros también es una alegría contribuir con poco.”

Hernandez, the owner of Los Giles said, what they do to help the senior community and for us to be a part of that brings us joy with the little we contribute. This year the event had three local food trucks to support Meals on Wheels including Fushion Bites, Higher Ground Humboldt and Los Giles. 

The Meals on Wheels program relies heavily on volunteer support. If you’re interested in volunteering contact the Humboldt Senior Resource Center to find out how you can help.

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