A ‘pothole blitz’ comes to Eureka as roads are being fixed

It’s the bane of any driver’s existence: potholes.

The city of Eureka is littered with them on the roadways. Drivers have voiced their concerns

But now these annoyances are being filled in by public works.

“I believe that public works and the city really hear people and are listening and we do what we can when we can. We started to kind of look at what’s going on with the potholes and to move those projects forward,” Eureka Mayor Kim Bergel said.

Public works took advantage of the recent weather to help fill in these nuisances, allowing the team to use hot patches rather than cold patches.

“Cold patches, again, when people drive over them or when there’s rain, it tends to deteriorate much quicker as opposed to when you do a hot patch in the good weather,” Bergel said. “You certainly have more success with them remaining filled so that’s what we’ve been doing. In fact, last week, public works laid 26 tons of asphalt in potholes”

These projects are funded by Measure H passed in 2020.

“Measure H was a measure that was passed by voters to address roads, public safety, homelessness, and disadvantaged folks. It’s been a real blessing to our city and we are able to get a lot of things done,” Bergel said.

And it seems to be a long time coming.

“we have had decade, decades of deferred maintenance. So with this tax, we are finally playing catch up. And it’s not going to be an overnight matter but the work is happening. And if you drive around town,I’m sure that you will notice, you know that streets are being re-paved and these types of things are happening regularly in eureka.”

Residents can report potholes to Public Works by calling 707-441-4194.

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