A stray bunny became pet to McKinleyville business and surrounding neighbors-it also reproduced

The baby bunnies with their new owner. | Photo Courtesy of Six Rivers Brewery

About a year ago, Six Rivers Brewery and its surrounding neighbors gained stray pet bunnies. With Easter coming up this Sunday, it could be a good time to search for them.

“From what we understand, they were abandoned by somebody moving out,” said Jeremy Shaffer, the Kitchen Manager at Six Rivers Brewery. “They’re just living their best life out here.”

It is a village effort to take care of Mr. Bunny. Six Rivers Brewery provides fresh water and vegetables, the surrounding neighbors behind the brewery feed them bananas and carrots.

Around this time last year, Mr. Bunny didn’t show up alone, there was also a female bunny and they surprisingly quickly reproduced.

“They had two sets of babies that we were aware of and that was when we started trying to capture them and have the vet take care of neutering and spaying them,” Shaffer said. “We caught the babies, the parents were not able to be caught.”

Each litter had three bunnies. The baby bunnies were spayed and nuetered and re-homed to a loving family. As of now, there is no sign of Momma Bunny. And Mr. Bunny still roams the backyard of Six Rivers Brewery. But some who encounter Mr. Bunny don’t know if it is lost or lives nearby.

“Pretty much every week somebody posted on like Humboldt Lost Pets,” Shaffer said. “So we have to explain that it’s not really lost. He resides here and you know like I said, he’s living his best life.”

With Easter coming up this Sunday, the brewery anticipates people coming out and searching for Mr. Bunny. If you want to search for Mr. Bunny this weekend this is a tip from workers at Six Rivers Brewery, they said that Mr. Bunny is usually roaming around first thing in the morning and the early afternoon. When the restaurant is busy he usually is hiding. Best of luck!

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