A Monster Mash-Up of Art

Ryan Baltimore and Cecily Ames

What does the term “monster” mean to you? Trajectory, a career development program, asked this very question.

A monstrous medley from collaborating artists lined the walls of the 40° North Gallery, located in Old Town Eureka. This project was created to emphasize different perspectives while building community.

Local artists gathered together to create about 35 original pieces of to show what the word “monster” means to them. Ryan Baltimore, a fellow artist and collaborator, excitedly walked me through the gallery.

Baltimore made sure to give great insight to small details within various artworks. Baltimore noticed me admiring one piece in particular, a pastel work made up of whimsical drawings collaged over the wooden canvas.

Baltimore was pleased to be able to tell me more about the artwork and the process of how it was made. Baltimore is one of the collaborating artists on the piece. “I made this piece with Cecily Ames,” Baltimore said, “So our process was basically that Cecily drew all of the figures and plant life.” Baltimore emphasized Ames’s creativity and level of detail in the linework.

Little fairies and whimsical creatures seemed to scurry across the candy-like surface. As cheery as the piece felt, it had a unique aura. Baltimore elaborated that the work was supposed to be an accumulation of life itself.

“We started talking about the project…I think the original working title was “an altar for your senses.” And so we were talking about earthy spirits and stuff like that – but then we just sort of let the process lead us.”

Each collaboration has elements from all of the artists who worked on the piece, and this becomes very apparent the closer you look in all of the details. The gallery is full of many other works just like Ames and Baltimore’s, each having their own interpretation and process in design.

For more information on Trajectory, visit the link below.