New air show ‘Rumble Over the Redwoods’ is looking for volunteers


The new air show, Rumble Over the Redwoods, will celebrate Humboldt’s aviation history.

“It’s really been dreamt up by some local businesses that started a nonprofit and are supporting this concept in the interest of trying to educate the community and, really, the youth and the community about the history of aviation and what the opportunities are for them in getting into the aviation industry,” ACV Airport aviation director Cody Roggatz said.

The Arcata Airport was once the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, used during World War II to test foggy conditions.

“The idea was give them that experience here in Northern California. That would be a lot like the conditions they would experience in the United Kingdom as they launched missions over Europe,” Roggatz said.

“When I was asked to come, I was told we should pay tribute to our veterans, particularly our World War II era veterans this first year,” Rumble Over the Redwoods airshow director Dennis Dunbar said.

The lineup for the show showcases that era in its full splendor.

“We’ve got a lot of wonderful aircraft lined up for the airshow already. We have a lineup of warbirds that would rival any large, well-established airshow,” Dunbar said. “We’ve got aircraft from the P-38 Lightnings, P-51 Mustang corsairs, B-25 Mitchells, a lot of really unique warbird era of World War II-era aircraft.”

Volunteers are still needed to ensure the show takes to the skies without a hitch.

“We need hundreds of volunteers to come out and be part of putting this on successfully. We have a variety of volunteer roles. Everything from security to flight line operations, admissions, hospitality, bod squad. There’s a ton of different roles,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar started as a volunteer and hopes to share an experience he had with those who sign up.

“What I’ve found for the last 25 years all over the country is you build an airshow family. It becomes a close-knit group,” Dunbar said. “We bring a diverse array of people from all over the county together for one mission and become family being a part of it.”

The airshow arrives in Humboldt County on Saturday, August 10th.

Volunteers must be over the age of 16 and must be available on both performances on Saturday, August 10th, and Sunday, August 11th.

To sign up, head over to the Rumble Over the Redwoods’ website.