Trick-or-treaters celebrate the 34th Annual Halloween Costume Parade

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM) Children of all ages, families and friends went trick-or-treating a couple of days early at the 34th Annual Halloween Costume Parade hosted in McKinleyville.

Treat-or-treaters dressed up as their favorite princesses, fairies, dragons and super heroes ready to collect a sugar-filled treat from almost every store owners within the shopping center.

The McKinleyville Shopping Center has held the all-ages trick or trick extravaganza for decades. Anne Pierson, Owner of the McKinleyville Shopping Center, expressed that this is a safe way for children to come out and celebrate the Halloween spirit in a safe and fun environment.

“My dad built the center back in 1959 and some of these events he started and I took over in 1998,” said Pierson. “We need things that will bring the community together and in my heart I want children to have fond memories of their childhood home and what they did and what it was like and what better way than for Halloween.”

There were close to 400 children at this year’s 34th Annual Halloween Costume Parade. Pierson said she hopes that this fun-filled tradition continues to grow.

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