Del Norte County Experiences Floods and Slides from Storms

DEL NORTE COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) – Del Norte and Curry Counties are experiencing flooding and slides from the heavy rain falling up and down the coast.  In some spots motorists had to drive extra careful through some standing water.

In this picture below, the driver of a large SUV on Fred D Haight Drive maneuvers through a large puddle.

Over at the Ruby Van Deventer County Park Campground, the Smith River’s water level continues to rise. The water nearly reached the parking lot.

Highway 197 was closed in both directions in Del Norte County due to a mudslide. County Road Superintendent Jeff Daniels says it could be a while before they clean up the debris left over from the large amount of water.

Residents near Brookings, Oregon have experienced almost fifteen inches of rain from this storm. Curry County residents have also endured road closures and slides from the heavy rain.