Athlete of the Week: Will Omey


EUREKA, Ca (KIEM) – St. Bernard’s Football is rolling with back to back wins to start the season. The centerpiece of their momentum is senior Quarterback Will Omey.  He had an outstanding performance since the first snap of the season.

Will Omey is the starting senior quarterback for the Crusaders. Already he has six touchdown passes in only two games. Omey does not pat himself on the back for all those completions. He gives credit to his teammates.

“It makes it really easy when you got guys like Lane, Justin, Broody, and Logan out there that pretty much catch everything. Make my job pretty easy, and the line in front of me they’re blocking well this year,” said Will Omey, Athlete of the Week.

Coach Matt Tomlin notices how outstanding of a quarterback Omey is and the way he spreads the ball around. It’s his second year as the starting QB. During the offseason, Omey became a student of the game of football.

“Will works really hard in the weight room. He’s really a strong kid. He studied a lot of film. His knowledge of the game and our offense just got even better. He really just mentally prepared himself to have a great senior season,” said Matt Tomlin, Head Football Coach.

The last time when the Crusaders won a State Championship was in 2015. Omey was in 8th grade at the time. Ever since then, it’s been his dream to win the top title with his senior class.

“Just kind of been something that I’ve always really wanted, and I feel like I’ve missed out on because I wasn’t in high school yet. So, I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to that,” said Omey.

As far as Omey’s plans after high school, that’s still up in the air. One thing Coach Tomlin says Omey will make the best choice for himself academically.

“Will traveled this summer to a lot of schools, and there’s a lot of schools very interested in Will. Whether he’s a quarterback, or a defensive back, or a linebacker, he’s just a great football player. So different programs see Will playing different positions for them,” said Tomlin.

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