Terra-Gen Wind Energy Project Denied by Planning Commission


Rio Dell, Ca. (KIEM) – The Terra-Gen wind energy project is denied by the Humboldt County planning commission after a series of meetings and public hearings.

The proposed project is a wind farm that could have up to 60 towers along Monument Road and Bear River Ridge.

The commission denied a conditional use permit application for Terra-Gen that would have began the process of securing other permits for construction — but this decision can still be appealed to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

The city of Rio Dell is opposed to the project — it’s important to note that they aren’t against wind energy projects in general, but this project specifically.

Their main concerns are the rush of it, the fact that Bear River Ridge is sacred grounds for the Wiyot Tribe, and environmental issues and concerns that have gone unanswered by the commission and the board.

Moving forward, the city of Rio Dell is inviting the board of supervisors to hold future meetings in either Rio Dell or Scotia — the area that is going to be the most impacted — to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard.