No Cases Of Coronavirus In Humboldt County, Tips To Protect Yourself From Other Illnesses


McKinleyville, Ca. (KIEM)– The Coronavirus continues to remain big news and for us here in Humboldt County we are not affected by the virus at this time. But what about other common sicknesses that are an even bigger concern?

Other sicknesses can have a much higher risk. This time of the year is cold and flu season. Some tips to protect yourself including cover your cough, washing your hands frequently, and staying home if you are sick.

If you plan on traveling outside of the county, you want to keep in mind the potential risks you could face.

For travelers plan on heading out of the Humboldt County Airport, ACV will operate as usual.

This year alone, there have been over eight-thousand deaths from the flu. It is important to remember to follow respiratory precautions to avoid illnesses happening right now.

DHHS recommends getting your flu shot, it is not too late to get the vaccine.

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