How to Prepare for Coronavirus


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Ca. (KIEM) – The Coronavirus is spreading throughout the world, and as of today, has reached every continent except Antarctica. Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases said on Tuesday that “It’s not so much of a question of, ‘If this will happen in this country,’ any more, but a question of ‘When this will happen”.

To prepare at home, it is recommended that people:

  • Meet with household members, other relatives, and friends to discuss what should be done if a pandemic occurs and what the needs of each person will be.
  • Discuss ways to care for those at greater risk for serious complications, if the services they rely on aren’t available.
  • If your neighborhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to stay connected to neighbors, information, and resources.
  • Identify organizations in your community that can offer assistance. Consider including organizations that provide mental health or counseling services, food, and other supplies. Water needs are one gallon, per person, per day.
  • Make sure to have pet food and supplies.
  • Create an emergency contact list. Ensure that your household has a current list of emergency contacts for family, friends, neighbors, carpool drivers, health care providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.
  • Plan to have extra supplies of important items on hand, such as soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, and disposable facemasks.
  • Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy. If possible, also choose a bathroom for the sick person to use. Plan to clean these rooms daily. Learn how to care for someone at home and how to clean a flu patient’s room.
  • Prepare for possible school closures, identifying alternative childcare.