Mystery surrounding boat in Humboldt Bay, Solved


EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-The one-hundred-and-fifty-foot yacht left Humboldt Bay at 6 a.m Thursday morning to its new home.

The permanent captain of that ship is taking it to a family north of Humboldt County. 

The vessel was purchased in Palm Beach, Florida then transported to San Diego, California for maintenance.

While traveling along the coast the captain and crew encountered rough seas.

According to local captain and businessman Tod Reinke captains are a close knit group and when one is in need of assistance there is nothing they won’t do to help each other out.

“It just had a yard visit, which is a boatyard where they do maintenance on them in San Diego and they’re making their trip up and I know him and needed a place to get out of the weather and so we arranged and told them to come here and they been here for a couple of days,” Reinke said. “They are getting ready to take off and finish their voyage to the Pacific Northwest.”