PG&E Working to Prevent Wild Fires and PSPS


Humboldt County, Calif. (KIEM) – Fire season is at its peak in Northern California. This is determined by a combination of high temperatures, low humidity, rain less days, and high winds.

With those factors currently happening in Northern California we spoke with PG&E about what they have done to prevent wild fires and public safety power shutoffs.

PG&E has improved how to more precisely identify the fire risk with the instillation of 22 weather station and 4 high definition cameras to get better data into its Wild Fire Safety Operation Center.

They continue to do line inspections, tree trimming and now have a micro grid strategy for Humboldt County that will help over 67,000 of its 80,000 customers keep power. PG&E says it’s still important for Humboldt County residents to always be prepared for a PSPS in the event there is an extreme weather event near the Humboldt Bay generating station.