Fire no longer a threat to reservation, COVID in check


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-During the past five months, officials for the Hoopa Valley Reservation have announced two emergency declarations – things are finally looking up for the Hoopa community, according Hoopa Chief & Incident Commander Gregory Moon.

“I like the numbers were seeing zero active, zero new 52 recovered.”

The Hoopa Valley community have had to contend with two major emergencies – A COVID Outbreak and a wildfire. 

“Then on the fire we also have good news they’ve been completed this burnout along Tish Tang up to the Tish Tang trail head,” said Moon.

For now the fire is no longer a threat to the Hoopa Indian Reservation.

“Right now I’ve given permission for some of the Tribal equipment to continue on and help our neighbors as we’ve created black lines all the way through here protecting the reservation,” he said.

Hoopa personnel are now in a position to help out the community of Willow Creek and Denny – which according to Moon are in need of resources.

“As for the emergency here on the reservation, the emergency situation has become lower and lower and lower,” Moon said.   

Which means the size of the incident management team will shrink to the size of the response needed.

Hoopa officials stress, despite there now low COVID numbers, there are still some community members vulnerable to the virus, according to Operation Chief Allie Hostler with the Hoopa COVID-19 Management Team.

“So be careful don’t let your guard down, there are lot of active cases still circulating in the

Humboldt County and surrounding counties also,” Hostler said. “So don’t let your guard down as cold and flu season approaches.”

Air quality is still an issue, however, mitigating resources are available.

“Today the air quality is expected to be unhealthy,” said Safety Officer Abe Camez with COVID-19 Management Team.

“Household air purifiers are managed by K’im:aw Medical Center, please contact your KMC provider,” said Hostler.

Those interested in a household purifier – can also contact the outreach nurse at 530-625-4261.

 Deputy Incident Commander Wendy “Poppy” Ferris-George says her team stayed focused and overcame any obstacles that posed a challenge.

“We have a system, that system is working and that’s what you should be most proud of,” said Ferris-George.

Hoopa officials are attempting to reach all Hoopa Tribal elders as their list is missing updated information for some of their community members.

Hoopa officials say they are currently serving 25 people in isolation and quarantine – and completing a comprehensive map.

Elders who have yet to update their personal information are advised to call (530) 707 630 7188