Election 2020: Signature Verification

HUMBOLDT, Calif. (KIEM) – In every election, signature verification is performed on all mail in ballots received and this election is no different.

“We can start processing those ballots as early as we start receiving them. So, the sooner you get your ballot to us the sooner we can start processing the election results.” Kelly Sanders, Registrar of Voters for Humboldt County says.

Because all registered voters in California are receiving a mail in ballot, the verification process that usually starts only ten days before the election has already started. In a written response this morning Kelly Sanders explained where the signatures on file come from.

“If DVM does not have a signature on file, elections staff print out a hard copy of the voter’s registration form and send it to the voter for signature.  Voters who register using a hard copy voter registration form affix their signature to the paper form,” Sanders said.

If your ballot verification is in question it is NOT tossed. Sanders explains the process.

“If a voter’s signature on their vote by mail return envelope does not match what is on file, election staff reach out to the voter to give them an opportunity to correct their ballot so it can be counted.  The voter can come into the Elections Office to verify their signature in person, or they can fill out a Signature Verification Statement and return it to the Elections Office up to 2 days prior to certification of the election.  The same applies to voters who forget to sign their vote by mail return envelope.”

In Del Norte County Registrar of Voters, Alissia Northrup says, “the signature is compared to the signature that we have on file and your residence address is confirmed to make sure you’re voting the right precinct and voting on the right issues.”

All of this is just another reminder why early voting matters. Sign the outside of your vote by mail return envelope and return your ballot early…stay safe, vote early, and avoid lines!

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