Shots fired on cannabis farm

 HUMBOLDT COUNTY , Ca. (KIEM) – Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies respond to a call of shots being fired at a commercial cannabis farm on the 2500 block of  Bald Hills Road.

Deputies arrived on the scene just after 2 a.m. on Thursday…

The victim-a security guard for the farm- was patrolling the property when he allegedly  heard two or three unknown suspects in the bushes.

The guard called out to the suspects -who then began to shoot. The guard then returned fire and then called for help.

A second security guard joined in to provide assistance and more shots were fired between the guards and the suspects.

Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate the suspects and no description of the suspects is available at this time.

No injuries were reported from the exchange and the case is still under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office.

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