RV Businesses Skyrocket as Californians Switch to the Nomadic Life


KING SALMON, Calif. (KIEM)-Home and rental prices are going up so a lot of people are hitting the road and adopting the RV lifestyle.

“if you’re just driving through the area, you better have a reservation cause it’s really hard. People are calling and most of the parks in my understanding are just full,” said Johnny Kinder, owner of Johnny’s Marina and RV Station. 

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Many residents in California are leaving their traditional homes and switching over to a more nomadic lifestyle. Rv parks in Humboldt county are packed, like Johnny’s Marina and RV Park in King Salmon. 

“We’re booming because for several reasons. One: the work in the area, two: people trying to get out of the fire area, three: the colleges, four: on a very limited basis, some people want to come fishing because we have the marina here,” said Kinder. 

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Another reason his park is thriving is many families are parking their empty RVs in case a wildfire threatens their home. Many people are also avoiding airplanes and hotels because of Covid. The transition to a RV home was the perfect fit for traveling. 

“It seemed to make sense when Covid happened. A lot of the Airbnbs wouldn’t rent if you weren’t a local resident anymore. We were trying to find a way to keep traveling, be safe and going everywhere we wanted when we wanted,” said Rasun Dinoto, a traveling musician. 

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Not only are more people buying RVs and mobile homes, tiny homes are becoming popular as well.