How we can prepare for possible power outages


EUREKA, Cali. (KIEM)- It’s been an early start for this year’s wildfire season, and, along with the wildfire sometimes, power outages are necessary.
How do you prepare if the lights go out in your home?

We have many factors weighing the heat, the drought, and dry vegetation into this fire season. Public safety power shut-offs are a real possibility.

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“Specifically for PSPS events for PG and E shut off the power to reduce the wildfire. Take a look at what in your house needs power and what you can do if you need to go without power for 48 hours or more.  Because during a PSPS, PG, and E, he does aim to have the power turned back on within 24 daylight hours,” said Deanna Contreras.

That means PG and E customers will be on their own for up to 48 hrs. It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan that includes food, water, and medication. The good news is an emergency plan has already been put in place between PG and E and the city of Eureka.

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“Because we would use the local power here in King Salmon to provide power to the city of Eureka,” said Miles Slattery.

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And one more positive note official with the city of Eureka. Slattery also says if your power is shut off, the city will have a charging station that can charge up to 30 devices at a time.