Community Organizations Active in Disaster was launched


HUMBOLDT, Calif. (KIEM)- It has been a week since the Community Organizations Active in Disaster was launched. Also known as COAD. Its purpose is to connect different sectors across the county to increase disaster resilience throughout the community of Humboldt.

The COAD is set to work as a community hub. They will enhance partnerships for communication, coordination, and collaboration across the entire community. 

This will include non-profits, faith-based organizations, tribes, businesses, and government agencies before and throughout a disaster.

“The COAD is working closely with the Humboldt Office of Emergency Services to help expand their important work to reach people in times of a disaster, and the best way to do that is to prepare,” said Alison Sterling Nichols, Coordinator at COAD.

The COAD is focused on helping the community prepare for when a natural disaster hits, so they are ready to help out when the time comes.

The COAD is not currently a non-profit organization. But it is fiscally sponsored by the college of the redwoods foundation.

“Being able to assist the office of emergency services and the tribal nations and being able to be prepared for those situations that are going to arise in our future is very important,” said Marty Coelho, Executive Director of College Advancement & the CR Foundation.

The COAD wants to map out what assets they have in the county and what they don’t have to use that community linkage to figure out who has connections to resources outside of the county if they are needed at the time of a disaster.

If you would like to get involved, visit or email