Benefits of the wet weather helping us out long term


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)- We are coming to the end of fire season across the state. With our resources being stretched thin and worked to their limits. Fires hit some regions of the state much harder than others.

But the storms pounding through the state this week are expected to bring an end to a wildfire season that shocked fire crews with its unusual, climate-change-driven behavior.

The rain can help us out long-term on returning to average rainfall amounts. The moisture content can help with our live fuels and limit fire behavior. 

“Some of the benefits in the long term of this will be in the spring as trees And some of the species come back to life, and there will be more moisture available for them to suck up. Also, they will be healthier and less dissectible to fire behavior and also less dissectible to disease or dresser that are going to cause trees around here to die,” said Dave Soldavini, Division Chief for North Coast Fire Management Program.