Eureka Citizens Accountability Board set to work with Independent Police Auditor


EUREKA, Calif.(KIEM)- The city of Eureka wants to be able to have the best police department they can have following months after a new interim police Chief has taken over and last year’s text messaging scandal in the department.

Eureka staff suggested the city hire OIR Group. A team of police practice experts that works with local governments, community members, and police agencies to address any challenges and collaborate on sustainable reforms.

“They have done some work here locally, with Humboldt State University previously, not as a police auditor but as part of an investigation, so they are familiar with this area,” said Miles Slatter, City of Eureka Manager.

Eureka’s Mayor stated that this is not a response to anything that has happened, but they want to make sure they stay as transparent as possible.

“And really, the opportunity to do this is not a reflection of the Police Department but a reflection of the times where we just want to make sure they have a good account of what is happening,” said Susan Seaman, City of Eureka Mayor.

On March 15th, a more defined ordinance should be going to the council to discuss what the independent police auditor would be investigating. 

“The world of law enforcement is not built for a lot of ease in transparency. Some of that is for a good reason, you know, They have very difficult and dangerous jobs, and they need a layer of protection, but sometimes that layer of protection then makes it very difficult for us to do our jobs,” said Susan Seaman.