Homeowner Grant Registration from the Calif. Earthquake Authority Now Open to Eureka Residents

Eureka residents are now able to apply for state grants of up to $3,000 to offset the cost of a seismic retrofit which can help lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake.

Chief Mitigation Officer of the California Earthquake Authority, Janiele Maffei, sat down with Redwood News to explain the Bolt and Brace Program, qualifications, hazards, and other opportunities for Humboldt locals to look out for. 

“Must be a pre 1980 house, but I always say you may have this vulnerability in a pre 1980 house,” Maffei said. “So if you think about those beautiful old victorians, those gorgeous houses that were constructed in the Eureka area, those are the houses that we’re after in the ‘Bolt and Brace Program’,” Maffei said.

Securing the foundation of a home is crucial for a stable house during an earthquake, which is what is lacking in most homes in the Eureka area. The Bolt and Brace will offer these services with contractors once receiving the grant. 

“The intention here is to keep the house on its foundation by bolting the wood part of the house to the concrete and of course, putting plywood around that crawl space and clips at the top,” Maffei said. 

The Bolt and Brace program has just opened registration and it will stay open through Nov 29th Maffei also expressed how the program is looking for local contractors to help meet the need and ensure safe and secure homes within the Eureka area. 

“People in Humboldt County know that this is earthquake country, the hazard is high but we have a solution,” Maffei said. “We can put all these pieces together once again to make Humboldt County and Eureka more resilient in earthquakes.”

In addition to the $3,000 grant, low-income homeowners are eligible for a supplemental grant. To qualify for the supplemental grant, homeowners have to have an income of $72,080 or less.

To register your home, visit the Bolt and Brace program website at Earthquake Brace + Bolt | CA Seismic Retrofit Grants | EBB

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