Old Town Ink Lab is hosting risograph studio hours to learn and create


Old Town Ink Lab has a risograph machine–a technique best described as digital screen printing– and will be hosting free studio hours to learn how to work the machine and create art. 

“You don’t have to be an Ink People member to come to this event it’s open to the public and so anyone who wants to participate in this is able to come in,” said Laura Keenados the art facilitator for Trajectory, a dream maker project with the Ink People Center of the Arts.  

The risograph machine is a layer-based printing machine that uses masters to create colored pieces. It’s a versatile machine Kennados mentioned.  It can be compared to screen printing, block printing and old-school mimeograph. 

The machine uses large ink drums and plant fiber-based masters to create screens that print out one layer and one color at a time, “it’s meant to go fast and it’s really, really fun,” Kennados said. 

According to Kennados, people are encouraged to come prepared with their masters. However, they “have definitely started people off having nothing” and it’s possible to create a few layers if people don’t bring their masters. 

The risograph studio hours will be on Tuesday, August 15 and 29 with more dates in September. Drop-in hours will be from 2-6 p.m. For updates go to Instagram or Facebook @inkpeoplecenterofthearts or @oldtowninklab. For more information go to their website www.inkpeople.org/.