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Eureka - A probation search in Eureka has landed three men and one woman in jail after police discover illegal guns and drugs.

Arrested yesterday were 28-year old Timothy Chiemwichitra, 35-year old Joe Olivo, 28-year old Mario Nunez and 25-year old Vanessa Wilkins.

Members of the Eureka Police Department’s POP Team conducted a probation search at an apartment building on the 1800 block of “A” street. Chiemwichitra and Olivo were charged with probation violation and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Nunez was charged with the same charges but police added possession of methamphetamine and heroin as well. Wilkins was arrested for four outstanding warrants.

Anyone with information on suspected drug activity is asked to call the Problem Oriented Policing Unit at: 707-441-4373.

Local Stories

Del Norte County – The Sheriff's Department is looking for a suspect who allegedly beat a man and then robbed him.

Sheriff’s deputies are looking for 26-year old "Michael Clary Jr." who is wanted for an alleged beating and theft that took place the evening of Friday, July 25th. After beating the man, he allegedly took his wallet and truck. Law enforcement recovered the truck...

Arcata - A shot was fired after a business deal went bad in Sunny Brae. Police are searching for 24-year-old Joel Johnston of Willow Creek and another unknown man.

Around 1 am, this past Saturday, Arcata Police responded to a reported gunshot in the Wiley Court area of Sunny Brae. A resident reported having a business meeting with two other men when they allegedly produced guns and...

EUREKA- Testimony is complete for the case of double murder suspect Bodhi Tree. Closing arguments are set to begin on Thursday and the jury will begin deliberation immediately after.

Opening arguments began in June, with both the prosecution and defense calling numerous witnesses. In court, prosecutors have painted Tree out to be a dangerous and angry person, while his defense has made...

ARCATA- Two men are recovering from a stabbing after they allegedly tried to assault another man.

Two unknown men reportedly approached a man camping along G street and began arguing with him. According to the Arcata Police Department the men began assaulting the man camping, knocking him to the ground.

In response, the camper reportedly stabbed both of the men, who then fled,...

RICHARDSON GROVE- The Environmental Protection Information Center has filed a federal lawsuit against the highway widening project along Richardson Grove State Park.

The third lawsuit against Caltrans by the group, claims the project will damage old growth redwoods. It alledges Caltrans is violating several environmental acts and is endangering old growth trees. They also claim that...