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Eureka - Five Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies are moving up in rank.

EUREKA - Sheriff Mike Downey announced the promotions: Two sergeants, Kevin Miller and Dennis Young will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and corporals Jesse Taylor, Justin Braud and Detective Samuel Williams will all be promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Lieutenant Miller will be responsible for areas north of Eureka including
Willow Creek, Hoopa, the animal shelter, airport and contract cities of Blue Lake and Trinidad. Lieutenant Young will be responsible for areas South of Eureka, as well as the Eureka Courthouse security and will attend community meeting as the sheriff’s representative.

Sergeants Braud, Taylor and Williams will be assigned to the Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office. All the promotions will become effective Monday, November 24.

Local Stories

EUREKA - An Arcata woman accused of felony assault with a deadly weapon has been found guilty by a jury in Eureka. Convicted was 33-year old Elmy Workman.

On May 20, this past summer,  Workman’s son, Dennis was in an argument with Angela Pitts, the mother of his child near the 500 block of G Street in Arcata. The argument escalated and derogatory words were allegedly spoken by Pitt’s...

FORTUNA- Thirteen Fortuna California Conservation Corps members are in Detroit for the next month working in federally declared disaster areas.

The local team took off for Michigan yesterday. There they will be doing clean-up work from the city's flash flooding that occurred in late august.

As part of that work, the team will go house-to-house in the metro-Detroit area, removing...

FORTUNA- You’re never too young to make a difference, that’s what students at Fortuna’s Ambrosini Elementary learned on Friday. Students were out at the Fortuna Rehabilitation and Wellness Center spreading holiday cheer to residents.

Sixteen students from the school sang and passed out primping bags to those at the center. Inside the bags were sugar scrubs and soap made by the third and...

RIO DELL- An Avenue of Sculptures. That’s what the city of Rio Dell has imagined for its Wildwood Avenue. And now local artists have a chance to display their work to the public, as part of the Wildwood Avenue Enhancement Project. 

The city installed two pedestals in the street's median to display artwork and enhance the town's beauty. One sculpture is already on display, called “...

NORTH COAST- A local community organizer is praising the step President Obama took Friday. The President took Executive Action to change the country's immigration system.

Obama said after a year and a half of waiting on congress to send him an immigration bill he had to do something about it.

His plan will make nearly 5 million qualifying immigrants eligible for protection and...